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Organic Waste Composter Machine in India - OWC Machine
What is Plant and How to Make Compost for them?

What is Plant and How to Make Compost for them?

Plants are living things that unlike animals cannot locomote and grow on land or water. They can survive anywhere on the Earth (lands, oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, hot or cold deserts, etc). Plants make their foods on their own through sunlight, water, & soil nutrients. Unlike animals, plants cannot walk from one place to another because most of the plants are rooted in the land.

Types of Plants:-

There are two types of plants, the first one is Flowering, and the second one is non-Flowering.

1. Flowering Plants: Flowering plants are also known as angiosperms and are the largest and most diverse in the plant domain. They are vascular seed plants with both male and female reproductive organs and represent at around 80% of all known plants. Some flowering plants are bougainvillea, adenium, kalanchoe, Angelonia, etc.

2. Non-Flowering Plants: Non-flowering plants are also known as Gymnosperms and are not produce any kind of flower and seeds. These plants produce spores instead of seeds and are belong to their very own group or domain. Some non-flowering plants are mosses, liverworts, hornworts, lycophytes, & ferns, etc.

How to make compost for plants?

Composting is the maximum essential improvement that you may supply on your plants. It provides wealthy vitamins to your garden or lawn that fuels plant booms and repair energy to depleted soil. It’s additionally free, smooth to make, and correct for the environment. 

Organic Waste Composter

One of the best methods of producing the best compost for plants is Organic Waste Composting (OWC). It converts your organic waste such as grass, leaves, bones, kitchen leftovers, fish, etc into high-quality compost in just 24 hours without affecting the environment or any foul smell & noise. OWC Machine is available in two types Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic composter machine. 

  • Fully Automatic Composter Machine: Fully automatic composter machine runs automatically as the name suggests itself with some clicks and settings. It is a PLC-based system and doesn’t create any kind of noise & foul smell while working and compost all types of organic waste, especially when it comes to food items, like eggshells, fish, and chicken bones.
  • Semi-Automatic Composter Machine: Semi-automatic composter machine compost in a more natural way and uses a curing system as the name suggest itself. It is fully automatic but needs minimal manpower in some of its working processes. It is mainly used for cooking establishments, houses, and even restaurants or canteens purposes because the waste of these places has a combination of pre- and post-cooking remnants along with excess food.

What are the advantages of Plants?

  • Plants can keep our environment clean.
  • It improves our mental strength.
  • It purifies our air.
  • They provide us with food, fiber, fuel, spices, shelter, etc.
  • It also helps in soil erosion.
  • They are a great source of wood and timber.
  • They give us fresh oxygen.
  • Plants also support rainfall.

Services in Waste Management

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