Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converter Machine

Fully Automatic Composting Machine converts organic waste into compost in 22-24 hours. It works on a pre-programmed controlled operation which reduces extra manpower & cuts 60-70 % of electricity bills. It also comes with a automatic feeding arrangement which helps in unloading of organic waste into machine through input door.

Features of Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composter Machine are:-

  • Fully PLC controlled operation
  • SS 304 Inner & Outer Body
  • Convert Waste into Compost in 22-24 hours
  • With inbuilt Shredder (Optional)
  • Automatic Feeding Arrangement (Optional)
  • Wheel mounted Machine for easy movement
  • Noise level below 70 decibels
  • Very Low OPEX
  • Safety Loaded Features with machine cut-off & on when the door is opened or closed
  • Overload Auto Cut-off System

Models Available with us for Fully Automatic Composting Machine

  • K-OWC 25

  • K-OWC 50

  • K-OWC 100

  • K-OWC 150

  • K-OWC 200

  • K-OWC 250

  • K-OWC 300

  • K-OWC 350

  • K-OWC 400

  • K-OWC 500

  • K-OWC 750

  • K-OWC 1000

  • K-OWC 1250

  • K-OWC 1500

  • K-OWC 2000

  • K-OWC 5000

Process of Fully Automatic Composter to convert organic waste into compost: -

  1. Feed organic waste into machine by shredding it into small pieces with the help of shredder. As more the smaller pieces, more the surface area it provides for decomposition of biomass.

  2. Add bio culture 1g/kg in machine as it enhances the process of decomposition & helps in fast growth of bacteria for a more natural quality of compost.

  3. Now start composter machine by rotating switch to automatic mode and then press green “start” button.

  4. Now the machine will work automatically for 22-24 hours. In these 24 hours it will automatically manage all operation like temperature, blower, mixer, fan, sprinkles, heater etc. Fully automation helps in reduction of electricity of bill as well as manpower.

  5. After completion of cycle, let the machine surface cool for a period of 2-3 hours and then compost is ready for removal.

  6. To remove compost, we have to open output door & while output door is opened, all operation of machine stops due to cut-off switch. So, for automatic removal of compost, we have to put machine in manual mode and then press “Reverse Mixer” button.

  7. Now the compost is ready for market use or gardening.

Accessories Manufactured & Supplied by Kelvin for Compost Management

Automatic Feeding Trolley

Waste Handling Trolley

Conveyor for Automatic Feeding


Storage Racks

Hand Shovels

Bio culture




Safety Gloves & Masks

HDPE Organic Beds for Storage

Models What to compost and what to not?

Application area for Organic Waste Composter Machine: -

  • Residentials Buildings

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Malls & SuperMarkets

  • Cafeterias & Canteens

  • Market

  • Commercial Complex

  • Farms & Stables

  • Hospitals

  • Temples

FAQ - Fully Automatic Composter Machine
Q1. What is fully automatic composting machine?

Ans. Fully Automatic Composting Machine converts organic waste into compost in 22-24 hours. It operates on a pre-programmed controlled system that minimises unnecessary labour and lowers electricity costs by 60–70%. Also, it has an automatic feeding system that facilitates loading organic waste into the unit through the input door.

Q2. How does the fully automatic composting machine work?

Ans. The Fully Automated Organic Waste Compost Machine is powered by cutting-edge microbe and enzyme technology. It has an integrated mixing system and aeration mechanism to enable optimum composting. The machine also features a temperature control mechanism that maintains appropriate composting temperatures, allowing for faster decomposition.

The procedure begins with the addition of your organic waste to the equipment. The garbage is then mixed with sophisticated bacteria and enzymes, which break down organic materials into smaller bits, allowing it to disintegrate more easily. The machine built-in aeration mechanism then circulates air into it, giving oxygen for the decomposition process.

The temperature control mechanism maintains the ideal temperature, facilitating faster composting. The machine also contains an automatic mixing mechanism that enables optimum aeration and mixing of the organic waste, ensuring a constant and effective composting process.

The composting process only takes a few weeks, following which the compost is ready for use. The machine has an automatic discharge system that makes it simple to remove the compost without the need for personal intervention. The machine compost is nutrient-rich and ideal for use in your garden or farm.

Q3. What are the features of Fully automatic organic waste compost machine?

Ans. Fully Automated Organic Waste Compost Machine Features are:

  • Completely automated operation
  • Technology of Advanced Microbes and Enzymes
  • Design for Energy Efficiency
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Environmentally Friendly and Secure
Q4. Why Should You Get a Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converter Machine?

Ans. There are numerous reasons why the Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converter Machine is the ideal solution for organic waste management. First and foremost, it is totally automated, making composting convenient and simple. This reduces the need for manual intervention while also saving time and effort.

The machine is also outfitted with modern bacteria and enzymes technology, which encourages efficient composting and speeds up the process. The temperature control system guarantees that the composting process is consistent and effective by maintaining ideal composting temperatures.

Furthermore, the machine is compact and space-saving, making it ideal for usage in tight quarters. It is also environmentally friendly and safe, making it an ethical decision. The machine;s compost is nutrient-rich, making it ideal for use in your garden or farm.

The Fully Automated Organic Waste Compost Machine is a cutting-edge and effective solution for organic waste management. This machine is ideal for anyone who wants to encourage a greener lifestyle due to its fully autonomous operation, unique features, and environmentally responsible design.

Q5. What is the fully automatic composting machine price?

Ans. The cost of a fully automatic composting machine is determined by several factors. And objective factors include equipment volume, equipment functions, and freight charges. We can provide you with guidance on equipment model selection, installation, and operation in addition to high-quality automatic compost machine. Furthermore, as a competent fully automatic composter manufacturer, we can offer you factory pricing or discounts. On the other hand, fully automatic composting machine is space-saving and high working efficiency. It also can save your production expense.

Q6. What are the benefits of organic waste compost machine?

Ans. Benefits of Waste Compost Machine are:

  • Composting is a simple and convenient technique.
  • Manual intervention is kept to a minimum.
  • Quick composting
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe and beneficial to the environment

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