Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composter

Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composter Machine

It converts organic waste into compost in 22-24 hours. It works on a pre-programmed controlled operation which reduces extra manpower & cuts 60-70 % of electricity bills. It also comes with a automatic feeding arrangement which helps in unloading of organic waste into machine through input door.

Features of Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composter Machine are:-

  • Fully PLC controlled operation
  • SS 304 Inner & Outer Body
  • Convert Waste into Compost in 22-24 hours
  • With inbuilt Shredder (Optional)
  • Automatic Feeding Arrangement (Optional)
  • Wheel mounted Machine for easy movement
  • Noise level below 70 decibels
  • Very Low OPEX
  • Safety Loaded Features with machine cut-off & on when the door is opened or closed
  • Overload Auto Cut-off System

Models Available with us for Fully Automatic Machine

  • K-OWC 25

  • K-OWC 50

  • K-OWC 100

  • K-OWC 150

  • K-OWC 200

  • K-OWC 250

  • K-OWC 300

  • K-OWC 350

  • K-OWC 400

  • K-OWC 500

  • K-OWC 750

  • K-OWC 1000

  • K-OWC 1250

  • K-OWC 1500

  • K-OWC 2000

  • K-OWC 5000

Process of Fully Automatic Composter to convert organic waste into compost: -

  1. Feed organic waste into machine by shredding it into small pieces with the help of shredder. As more the smaller pieces, more the surface area it provides for decomposition of biomass.

  2. Add bio culture 1g/kg in machine as it enhances the process of decomposition & helps in fast growth of bacteria for a more natural quality of compost.

  3. Now start composter machine by rotating switch to automatic mode and then press green “start” button.

  4. Now the machine will work automatically for 22-24 hours. In these 24 hours it will automatically manage all operation like temperature, blower, mixer, fan, sprinkles, heater etc. Fully automation helps in reduction of electricity of bill as well as manpower.

  5. After completion of cycle, let the machine surface cool for a period of 2-3 hours and then compost is ready for removal.

  6. To remove compost, we have to open output door & while output door is opened, all operation of machine stops due to cut-off switch. So, for automatic removal of compost, we have to put machine in manual mode and then press “Reverse Mixer” button.

  7. Now the compost is ready for market use or gardening.

Accessories Manufactured & Supplied by Kelvin for Compost Management

Automatic Feeding Trolley

Waste Handling Trolley

Conveyor for Automatic Feeding


Storage Racks

Hand Shovels

Bio culture




Safety Gloves & Masks

HDPE Organic Beds for Storage

Models What to compost and what to not?

Application area for Organic Waste Composter Machine: -

  • Residentials Buildings

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Malls & SuperMarkets

  • Cafeterias & Canteens

  • Market

  • Commercial Complex

  • Farms & Stables

  • Hospitals

  • Temples

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