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The OWC Machine is a Organic waste composter machine that is used to convert municipal solid waste into compost. It will take only 24–28 hours to compost the waste with a single touch of a button. This machine is an efficient and eco-friendly solution for the municipal waste system.

OWC Waste Management is one of the serious issues of the world as of now. Today everyone is aiming for a greener tomorrow. The onus of the management and proper decomposition of the organic waste is on us as well. Considering the same, Kelvin India made an OWC Composting Machine which facilitates the efficient conversion of organic waste. It is also the ease of use of the system which makes the machine more user-friendly and demandable.

The above stated factors make the machine compatible for easy use. It also gives a fair chance to one and all to share their bit in keeping the environment cleaner and greener.

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We provide multiple sizes of these systems and they start from

  • 25 Kg

  • 50 Kg

  • 100 Kg

  • 200 Kg

  • 500 Kg

  • 10,000 Kg and various others

More about OWC Composting Machine

  • SS Body i.e. Stainless Steel.

  • Shredder inside.

  • Two different casements.

  • Stops functioning when doors are not properly closed.

  • This system is portable.

  • Fruitful machine for living beings and for the environment.

Our organic waste compost machine comes into two principal models – one is the fully automatic organic waste compost machine and the other is the semi-automatic waste compost machine.

Let’s see the difference between both

The fully automatic organic waste compost machine as the name suggests is operates automatically with few clicks and setting. Also, it doesn’t make much sound while operating. The notable point here is fully automatic system is PLC based. Programmable Logic Controller utilizes in various manufacturing processes and programming is associated with it. The other feature of this fully automatic organic waste compost machine is that it can compost all types of organic waste, especially when it comes to food items, like eggshells, fish and chicken bones.

Additionally, if you are worried about a foul smell in the house, you can be assured that while the Fully Automatic Composting Machine is working, there is no foul smell in the house. Also, there are no pests like rats, insects, and flies that will be attracted to the organic waste.

The Semi Automatic Organic Waste Composter Machine, which is especially helpful when it comes to organic waste from various cooking establishments, houses, and even restaurants or canteens. The waste from these places has a combination of pre and post cooking remnants along with excess food. These semi-automatic systems are non-PLC based.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic systems have their own importance. It depends on the customers which one suits according to their needs and expectations.

Our machines are giving superb performance in

  • Hotels

  • Temples

  • Canteens

  • Restaurants and others

    The first thing that needs to be done is ensured that the waste is not contaminated. Segregation of waste is an important and vital step before putting it into the organic waste compost machine. Other items that would be needed to control the moisture in the waste should be added manually as well. Initially, the waste is mixed, agitated, aerated and crushed, before being moved for maturing and curing.

    The product which the machine gives at the end of the process is compost and there are various advantages of using this organic fertilizer in agricultural and gardening activities. Converter machine produces compost faster than traditional method of composting that people usually followed at homes.

    Our aim is to reach more people dealing with waste related issues and therefore gives them the best solution through our converter machines.

Organic Waste Composter Machine

OWC Machine – FAQs

Q1. What is organic waste composter?

Ans. An organic waste composter machine is a self-contained unit that speeds up the composting process and produces better compost. It accepts waste as an input and produces manure as an output. Composting without an organic waste composting machine will take a considerable amount of time.

Q2. How Does organic Composting Machine Work?

Ans. The waste composting machine operates on a simple principle. The raw material is first mixed with water to make an input-ready mixture. From the input section, this waste is fed to the machine. The device includes a mechanism for introducing microorganisms into the mix. Some holes provide air to the mixture. A stirring shaft mixes the waste mixture with microorganisms. The temperature inside the machine rises to 50-60 degrees Celsius over the next seven days, killing the unwanted pathogens and converting the waste into harmless and valuable manure. When the composting process is finished, the temperature variation ceases, and the organic fertilisers can be collected from the discharge section.

Q3. Why Should You Use An Organic Waste Composting Machine?

Ans. An organic composting machine is a cutting-edge and cost-effective waste management solution. Most waste, particularly edible waste, can be recycled into something useful. Using a composting machine, for example, saves time and labour when converting waste into manure. These organic fertilisers are pure and can be used to grow healthy crops. Furthermore, it saves waste handling and transportation, which are both required in a waste-filled land filing. The environmental benefits can be relied on. They benefit the soil in addition to reducing methane production. Organic fertilisers provide nutrition to the soil and can be used in plantations. When compost is added to the soil, it helps to prevent soil erosion and water retention. An organic waste machine is a one-stop shop for a greener, more sustainable future. Kelvin Water Technologies is the leading manufacturer of organic waste composting machines with world-class quality. We offer simple organic waste converter machines for both home and commercial use. Our machines are built to international quality standards.

Q4. How is Organic Waste Converted into Compost?

Ans. When using open piles, the process of composting is started by shredding the plant material. Water is then added, and proper aeration is ensured by routinely stirring the mixture. The waste must be correctly broken down throughout this process, and fungus, earthworms, and other detritivores assist in this process.

Q5. What are organic waste converter benefits?

Ans. The use of organic waste converters allows for the creation of useful compost for use in organic farming activities from organic waste, such as vegetable, meat, and bakery waste as well as leaves, fruit and fruit skins, flowers, and other organic materials. Composters are a frequent name for converters.

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