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Baling Press Machine

Our country has been facing many issues with waste management. There are plenty of scraps from everywhere and a proper place is required to store them, all types of scraps that range from plastic to metal, there are different scrap handling products available such as shearing machines, the scrap bundler helps to shrink the waste, the hydraulic baler facilitates the creation of bundles. There are heavy-duty bundling press machines available, they are automatic in function and have PLC regulation, the products are of durable quality and are a worthy investment, these products strictly comply with the industry standards and go through a thorough checking to make sure you receive quality products.

Kelvin variants of the baling press machine

  1. Single box hydraulic baling press
    25 Ton
    Automatic Grade Hydraulic, Automatic
    Color Blue, Green, Yellow
    Condition New
    No. Of Cylinder 1
    Phase Single Phase, Three Phase
    Capacity 25 Ton
    Bale Size 36 * 27 * 24 inches
    Bale Weight 50 TO 75 KG
    Cylinder Size 140MM x 90MM
    Electric Motor 7.5 HP
    Machine Weight (approx) 1300 KG
    50 Ton
    Automatic Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
    Control Type CNC
    Color Blue, Green, Yellow
    Condition New
    Material MS, SS, Carbon Alloy, Alloy Steel
    Phase Single Phase, Three Phase
    Capacity 50 Ton
    Number of Cylinder 1
    Capacity 50 Ton
    Weight 50 to 200 Kg

    The single box hydraulic baling press machine comes in the automatic variant. There are different attractive colors available for this machine, blue, green and yellow, it uses a single cylinder. And incorporates single and three phases, the capacity of this machine is great amounting to 25 tons, the dimensions of this product are (36 X 27 X 24) inches, the cylinder size is (140 X 90) mm, it uses an electric motor that is powered up to 7.5 HP, this product is quite heavy as it weighs about 1300 kg, this product will delight you with its reliability and great strength, the bale weight is about 50-75 kg.

    The 40 ton capacity is another version of this machine, the bale size is (36 X 27 X 26) inches, the bale weight is 75 kg to 125 kg, the cylinder size is (160 X 100) mm, this 40 ton variant uses an electric motor powered up to 10 HP, the weight of this variant is slightly more than the 25 ton machine, it weighs in at about 1500 kg.

    The 50 ton edition of this machine has the same bale size as the 40 ton variant, but the bale weight goes upto 100-150 kg, the cylinder size is (170 X 105) mm, it uses an electric motor that has a power of 10 HP, this machine is the heaviest among the 3 variants, it weighs in at about 1700 kg.

  2. Carbon alloy hydraulic baling press machine

    The machine comes with an auto functioning, the material used for the manufacturing of this machine is carbon alloy, it also uses a single cylinder, the machine has a powder treated finish to it, it uses an electric motor with power ranging from 20-25 HP. However, this machine is not the cheapest option in the market as it can get a bit expensive. The machine is made in accordance with international standards.

  3. Double action hydraulic scrap baling press
    Automatic Grade Hydraulic
    Bale Size 12*15*T
    Bale Weight 20 TO 35 KG
    No. Of Cylinder 2
    Electric Motor 20 HP
    Machine Weight (apporox) 3750 KG
    Cylinder Size 180MMx135MM, 130MMx80MM
    Material MS, SS, Carbon Alloy, Alloy Steel
    Finishing Powder Coated, Painted
    Product Description:

    This product is hydraulic automatic grade, the bale weight can range from 20-35 KG, it incorporates the use of 2 cylinders, it is equipped with an electric motor that can be powered upto 20 HP. This product can be quite heavy as it weighs in at about 3750 KG, the cylinder size is (180 X 135) mm, the material used in the making of this machine is alloy steel and it has a powdered or a painted finishing to it. There are many uses of this machine in different industries, such as furnace and steel industry or metallurgical industry.

    There is another variant of this machine that uses 4 cylinders whose dimensions are (300 X 210) mm, it uses an electric motor that can be powered upto 25 HP, the machine is super heavy, weighing in at about 7500 KG, the bale weighs in at about 35-50 KG, the bale size is the same as the 2 cylinder variant.

  4. Use:

    The triple action baling machine

    Baling Chamber 25” X 23” X 60” (H X W X L)
    Bale size 15” X 15” (H X W )
    Electric motor 25 H.P 3 phase 1440 rpm
    Body Fabricated 50 mm
    Hard liner plates Provided (C 45)
    Oil drive Van Pump Systems
    Working liquid Hydro/Enclo-68 (Not in our scope)
    Force on lid 40 tons
    Force on main cylinder 100 tons
    Force on side cylinder Force on side cylinder 120 tons
    Working Pressure 3000 PSI

    This is one of the heavy duty machines you can get your hands on, the chamber size of this machine is (25 X 23 X 60) inches. The bale size is (15 X 15) inches, it uses an electric motor that has a power of up to 25 HP, it uses 3 phase and the RPM is 1440. The oiling drive has van pumping systems, the force on the lid is about 40 tons, the force on the main cylinder is about 100 tons, the force on the side cylinder is about 120 tons, the working pressure is about 3000 PSI, this machine is very expensive per unit.

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