Solid Waste Recycling Machine

Solid Waste Recycling Machine

Solid Waste Recycling Machine

Solid Waste Recycling Machine use a variety of sorting technology, which can efficiently separate these stuff from a large number of municipal solid waste, such as organic matter, plastic, metal, construction materials and other substances. Therefore, we can reuse these waste effectively.

How Special Solid Waste Recycling Machine is!

  • Automatic operation system - This solid waste management facility adopts automatic solid waste management recycling system, which significantly enhances the sorting rate and reduces man-made mistakes. Besides, the automatic solid waste management system will largely cut the labor costs.

  • Unique deodorant system - As is know to all, the waste is always smelling, and even bring a large of bacterial. In order to guarantee the health of workers and create a pleasant workplace, This Machinery has designed deodorant system which can effectively purify the air. This deodorant has several procedure to deal with the unpleasant smell in the municipal solid waste plant, which achieves the purpose of cleaning the air to a large extent.

  • Sealed sorting system - In order to effectively avoid the harm the waste brings, some sorting process is going under the sealed situation, such as delivering (belt conveyor), screening (rotary screen machine), etc. These machines can prevent the bad smell from spreading.

  • Anti-corrosive solid waste management machine - This solid waste management machine is protected against rot, which will prolong the service life.

Security Measures in Solid Waste Recycling Machine

  • Evenly distributing - If the waste on the conveyor can’t be distributed evenly, there will be problems in the next step, which could bring potential danger to people. This conveyor adopts special design and achieve the goal of even distribution.

  • Monitoring system - Normally, the traditional solid waste management equipment needs large people to check the situation of the whole msw processing plant. Nowadays, the monitoring operating platform can monitor the whole working condition. The reason why it is useful is as the following. Firstly, it decreases human-made mistakes. Secondly, it saves the manpower.

  • Electrical control system - When unexpected things happen, turning off the solid waste processing equipment one by one is a time-wasting thing. The electrical control system will help you to turn off the machine quickly, and make adjustment in time.

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