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Oil Skimmer & Skimming Tanks

Oil Skimmer & Skimming Systems

We design & engineer Oil skimmer & skimming system for complete removal of Oil from surface of water. We are manufacturer & wholesale supplier of all equipment of wastewater treatment projects. We have Oil skimmers of different types based on different treatment scheme.

Types of Skimmers manufactured & supplied by us -

  1. SBR Decanters/ Surface Skimmers

  2. Duckweed Floating Surface Skimmers

  3. Automatic Floating Weir Skimmer-FWS

  4. Floating Drum Oil Skimmers

  5. Floating Oil Skimmer System

  6. Floating Debris Surface

  7. Ash Pond Decanter Surface Cleaner

  8. Steel Industry Oil Skimmers

  9. Sheen Skimmers

  10. Belt Skimmers

  11. Big Ass Belt Skimmer

  12. Rope Mop Wringer Oil Skimmer

  13. Slotted Pipe Skimmers and Scum Skimmers

Areas of Application

01 Petroleum refineries, lube blending plants
02 Oil drilling services
03 Mineral and vegetable oil plants
04 Automobile units and service stations
05 General engineering industries and machining centres
06 Industries employing industrial washing machines
07 Perfumery and essential oil industries
08 Industrial houses
09 Effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our experienced team of engineers can design a complete oil skimming system that meets the needs of your specific application. We are known because of our highly professional team in following sectors:-

01 Advanced Design Engineering
02 Rapid 3d printing in house
03 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
04 Product Development /Commercialization
05 Reverse Engineering
06 Performance Testing

Skimming tanks are used for removing Oils & Grease form the sewage constructed before the sedimentation tank. Municipal Raw Sewage Contains oils, fats, waxes, soaps, fatty acids, etc. The greacy and oily matter may form unsightly and odorous scum on the surface on the surface of settling tanks or may interfere with the activated sludge process.

In skimming tanks air is blown along with chlorine gas by air diffuser placed at the bottom of the tank.

The rising air tends to coagulate and solidify the grease and cause it to rise to the top of the tank whereas chlorine destroys the protective colloidal effect of protein, which holds the grease in emulsified form. The greasy materials are collected from the top of the tank and the collected are skimmed of specially designed mechanical equipment’s.

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