Extension Work

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide the customer with extension works services. Although there are plenty of reasons why wastewater treatment plant operators and administrators feel it's time to upgrade their systems.

Many Treatment Plants are presently having trouble reaching capacity for Treatment as a result of increased urban growth and increasing population. Increased population and urbanization result in higher concentrations of wastewater, causing Treatment Plants to become overburdened. The solution is a plant expansion, as new Treatment Technologies that reduce the necessary landfill could be the answer to ensuring that a Treatment Plant capacity upgrade can be accomplished in the limited space available.

One of the most significant reasons for upgrading a Treatment Plant is to meet a higher discharge level. To improve the quality of effluent that meets the environment, regulators around the world are implementing stringent discharge requirements on industrial and municipal Treatment Plants. There is also an increasing demand to ensure the protection of the environment from more than just organic pollution.

Many established Treatment Plants have been in service for several years and have been neglected due to a lack of funding. That is, they are using obsolete technologies and facilities that might no longer be cost-effective. In these circumstances, it is more cost-effective to upgrade a Treatment Plant pragmatically and replace old facilities with updated, more efficient equipment and technology.

The water industry is among the most energy-intensive industries, responsible for 2.5-3% of total global electricity demand for aeration of wastewater alone. Since the cost of electricity has been steadily rising for decades, it is in the best interests of the environment and the economics of Treatment Plants for operators to find energy-saving opportunities.

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