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Triple Action Baling Machine

A Triple Action Baling Machine is a type of automatic baler that compresses materials into compact and manageable bales. Unlike traditional balers that only have two actions – compression and ejection – triple action balers also include a third action called cutting.

The Triple Action Automatic Baler Machine compresses the metal scrap in three different directions. The metal scrap is compressed by this effective and strong triple compression scrap baling press equipment from the top, laterally, and longitudinally, producing extremely dense and perfectly compacted bales. Jumbo plus triple action automatic balers, Jumbo balers, and micro balers are all manufactured by Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd.based on the customer's needs and scrap requirements.

Triple Action Hydraulic Baling Press Machine are used to reduce scrap material in three dimensions. The two horizontal cylinders are positioned perpendicular to one another. Hydraulic pressure on the lid cylinder often produces vertical decrease. The scrap is pressed up against the baler's ejection door by one of the horizontal cylinders. Following baling, this door is raised hydraulically. The horizontal cylinder then extracts the bundle from the chamber.

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Benefits of the Triple Action Baling Machine

    • ➤ Super high-density bales
      ➤ High productivity
      ➤ Low overall operating cost
      ➤ Increased speed of movements
      ➤ Low energy consumption
      ➤ Easy installation
      ➤ Lower cycle times through the use of high-pressure pumps
  • Triple Action Baling Machine Features

    • ➤ Sighly efficient hydraulic systems
      ➤ HLC-controlled
      ➤ Large volume of chargebox
      ➤ Comes with wired remote control
      ➤ Lubrication system for minimum wear and tear
      ➤ Replaceable wear-resistant plates supplied
      ➤ Includes Check Valves and Limit Valves to avoid any accident

  • FAQs – Automatic Baling Press Machine

    Q1. What is a Triple Action Baling Machine?

    Ans. A sort of baler called a "Triple Action Baling Machine" is made to handle medium to big amounts of scrap processing. These can easily compress the large volume of scrap, every shift, and may work efficiently for longer hours than normal due to their strong and modern design.

    Q2. What are the types of Balers?

    Ans. Vertical, horizontal, auto-tie horizontal, closed door horizontal, and two ram are among the various options. The most popular style of baler is vertical, which crushes garbage using downward force.

    Q3. How to use a triple action baling machine?

    Here are some steps on how to use a triple action baling machine:

    • Prepare the material: Gather all of the materials you want to bale and remove any contaminants or foreign objects.
    • Load the material: Place the material into the loading chamber of the baler until it reaches its maximum capacity.
    • Close and lock safety gate: Ensure that all safety gates are closed and locked before starting the machine.
    • Turn on power supply: Connect your automatic baler to a reliable source of electricity then turn on its power supply switch.
    • Press start button: After turning on electricity, press ‘start’ button located at control panel so that hydraulic pressure will build up inside cylinder which makes compression process possible
    • Allow enough time for compression cycle (typically around 30 seconds) before releasing pressure inside cylinder using release valve at control panel
    • Remove bales safely : Once complete, open safety gate & carefully remove compressed bale by lifting with chain hoist attached securely to top platen of triple action baler
    Q4. what is hydraulic triple action baling press machine?

    Ans. Triple Action Hydraulic Baling Press machine is one of the most difficult and most demanding machine. This machine may be used to bale a variety of materials, including plastic, corrugated cardboard, white paper, various types of commercial and heavy metals, turning scrap, CRC sheet scrap, and more.

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