Sewage Treatment Plant

Installation & Commissioning of Plant

Installation & Commissioning of Plant

The firms is adept in installation of STP, with wide range of customisation done according to the need. With Kelvin comes the assurance of a time bound, hassle free, and with proper hand over.

Correct commissioning is vital to the satisfactory operation of any plant or facility and it is essential that sufficient time and resources be allocated to different stages of the commissioning and start up.

Kelvin looks with eyes of meticulousness in mechanical completion, leak tests, cleaning, flushing, provisional acceptance, pre-commissioning, first start up and post-commissioning. Integration of different systems, particularly control systems with others, has to be seamless, and in order to accomplish it Kelvin does a series of tests and checks under trial operations.

Extension Work Of STP
Repair & Maintenance Work of STP
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