Sewage Treatment Plant

Extension Work Of STP

Extension Work Of STP

STP projects are always challenging, but when upgrading of existing works is involved the challenge increases. The work consists primarily of duplication of primary plant, with further customisations if needed. The firms does extension work in three phases.

  • Stage I : Duplication of primary digestor Plant and extension of power house.
  • Stage II : Extension of sewage treatment plant
  • Stage III : Construction of laboratory (optional) and administrative office.

The task to upgrade and expand the existing screening facilities, primary treatment, secondary treatment (bioreactors, secondary clarifiers, pumping stations), tertiary treatment (filtration phosphorous removal), service networks etc and the construction of new facilities.

Sludge treatment works and the construction of new facilities for the anaerobic digestion of the primary sludge, consisting of a digestion tank, a digested sludge storage tank, a digested sludge dewatering unit.

Installation & Commissioning of Plant
Repair & Maintenance Work of STP
Chemicals and Media

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