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Process and Types of Rainwater Harvesting System in India
Process of Rainwater Harvesting System

Process of Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting is a very useful method of collecting, storing, carrying & purifying rainwater that flows in the parks, grounds, mountains slopes & rooftops into the large containers & tanks in the monsoon season and using that collected water in the dry seasons for the sake of humans. This method is very widely used in industrial as well commercial areas and keeps us away from water shortage problems. This method is also known as a Water Conservation and water management method.

Process of Rainwater harvesting

  • Catchment – Basically these are surfaces that receive the water of rain straight away and carry them to the system
  • Conveyance system – It works as a transporter and transport harvested water of the catchment to the recharge zone.
  • Flush – It is used for flushing the first spell of rain.
  • Filter – It is used for removing impurities before the water goes into the storage tank
  • Tanks and the recharge structures – It is Used to collect and store the filtered water that is prepared to use.

Why Water Harvesting is important to use?

Today Scarcity/Shortage of water is one of the most serious issues of the world as of now and everyone is aiming for a better future but the quantity and quality of water are decreasing day by day and for tackling these kinds of issues, rainwater harvesting plants plays a very important role. By using it we can be purifying the rainwater and use it for our daily purposes such as watering, washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking as well as for gardening purposes. It is also very important to use for reducing soil erosion and flood hazards.

Types and Technologies used in Rainwater Harvesting

There are mainly three types of technologies used in the harvesting of rainwater. These are:

  1. Direct-Pumped Technology.
  2. Indirect Pumped.
  3. Indirect Gravity.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting System

  • This process helps in decreasing the water bill.
  • It is a very pocket-friendly method.
  • Decreases the call for water.
  • Reduces the want for imported water.
  • This method promotes each water and strength conservation.
  • It is a very useful method of refining the quality as well quantity of groundwater.
  • water harvesting does now no longer requires a filtration gadget for panorama irrigation.
  • This method is simple, smooth to put in and operate.
  • It is a remarkable supply of water for panorama irrigation.
  • It decreases soil erosion, and pollutants of floor water with fertilizers, pesticides, metals, and different sediments.

Services in Rainwater Harvesting 

We Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd are the leading Manufacturer, Consultant, and Supplier of services in the wastewater treatment industry. We have very highly skilled professionals who deliver highly efficient water conservation plant services and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. All this work is completed by using the latest tools and techniques of the field.

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