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Baling Press Machine for Waste Management
Baling Press Machine for Waste Management

Baling Press Machine for Waste Management

In the present time, the world has been facing many kinds of issues related to waste management. There are plenty of scraps fells everywhere, and a proper place is required to store them, and for solving these issues Baling Press Machine is the most effective solution for all these tasks as well as making the waste easier to handle and less expensive to transport from one place to another. It is a dedicated waste management machine that compresses all types of scraps ranging from plastic to metal and recycled them for making them usable for other purposes.

Baling Press Machine

Types of Baling Press Machine 

Baling Press Machines are mainly of two types first one is hydraulic and the second one is pneumatic. Businesses should choose between these two according to their requirements and based on the volume of waste. Baling presses are available in different sizes and range from 5 tons to 50 tons.

Applications of Baling Press Machine

  • It recycles waste material from steel mills and metal processing industries.
  • The baling press machine is very useful for packing large quantities of recyclable material into handy packages for transporting and easy storing.
  •  It can extract various metal scraps and make them bales for reducing storage.
  • Hydraulic balers compress recyclable materials such as metals, plastics, cardboards, papers, etc.
  • It can shape scrapes into different shapes such as round, rectangular, square, cylindrical, and others as per the requirement.

Advantages of Baling Press Machine.

  • It helps in increasing the portability of waste by regularly shaped blocks.
  • It decreases waste and promotes a better & greener environment.
  • It is very cost-friendly and reduces waste removal costs.
  • It offers a better and safer environment for company employees.
  • Baling Press offers better space management.
  • Transporting waste becomes very easy and cost-friendly through baling press machines.
  • It offers additional earnings through processed waste.
  • It makes the recycling process much easier and hassle-free.

Services in Wastewater Treatments

We Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading brand and have 15+ years of experience in providing Waste Management Services all over the world. Our organization uses different kinds of techniques for managing industrial, commercial, & residential wastages and promoting a greener environment including Organic Waste Composter, Shredder, Baling Press Machine, and Solid Waste Recycling, etc. We ensure to maintain top-grade customer satisfaction with our professional engineers and latest tools & technologies.

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