Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

SAFF Technology

Kelvin’s Microbar Bioreactors are designed specifically for biological treatment and detoxification of industrial and municipal wastewater stream & for can also work with bioremediation of oil spills, oily sludges or land polluted with organic residues.

The distinguishing features of Kelvin’s SAFF are

  1. Kelvin’s bio-reactors are either coated steel or cast in place concrete

  2. It has rigid, submerged & structured plastic matrix with a membrane air distribution system

  3. It is equipped with an unconventional plastic media with high void ratio and specific surface area.

  4. It has tubular diffusers are used with the SAFF media giving a good air dispersal and low level of blockage due to growth of biological film.

  5. It also has provisions for effluent discharge to maintain a fixed operating liquid level in the tank.

Kelvin’s SAFF Technology, is not only simple in design (with no moving parts in operation are) but they are economical too; moving parts are stationed in such a way so as to facilitate quick maintenance. SAFF technology is designed to reduce organic loading, thus reducing the BOD (Biological oxygen demand) and impressive reduction of suspended particles, if untreated will contaminate the environment.

The fixed film technology has three stages

  1. Primary Settlement
    Large solids settle at the bottom of primary tank and are removed periodically as sludge. Here the buoyant material floating upwards are removed by a scraping/screening method.

  2. Secondary Treatment
    The biodegradable Organic Matter is degraded by the biomass on the SAFF media.

  3. Final Settlement / Clarification Where degraded solids are settled out of the biological treated effluent.

Kelvin’s SAFF process uses support media to retain an active biomass to reduce the influent BOD Levels.

Advantages of Kelvin’s SAFF are many, to state a few

  1. Small footprint area, stable process, lesser sludge production and modular installations are the key features of Kelvin’s SAFF process.

  2. No constant monitoring is required.

  3. No need for constant power supply as it sustains microbial growth under irregular power supply conditions.

  4. High BOD removal with 98% efficiency with effluent concentration less than 10 mg/l.

  5. Low maintenance on account of few moving parts.

  6. Low power consumption due to high oxygen transfer

  7. High Suspended solids removal with effluent concentration of 20 mg/l.

  8. Fecal coliforms removal of the order of 2‐3 on log scale at SAFF 2 Stage.

  9. Needless to mention the guarantee of Kelvin’s quality, in terms of product, maintenance, & operational economy.

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