SBR- Sequencing Batch Reactors

SBR STP Manufacturer

This is a variant of Activated Sludge Process (ASP) technology & is essentially a batch treatment by combination of primary settling, aeration, secondary settling and decanting the treated sewage in a series of sequenced and or simultaneous reactions in the same basin on a time deferred cycle. Thus, among the multiple basins, one basin is used in one part of the cycle of aeration, settling and discharging the treated sewage in a cyclically repeated operation is done in another tank. Membrane of high efficiency fine bubble non-clog for diffused aeration is preferred.

Schematic flow diagram of Sequencing Batch Reactors process is presented


The essential components of SBR’s are:

  1. Reactor basin

  2. Waste sludge draw-off mechanism

  3. Aeration equipment

  4. Effluent decanter

  5. Process control system

SBR STP Advantages

  1. The stabilized sludge is generated

  2. Absence of odour and corrosive gases & can remove N and P concurrent with BOD.

  3. Less manpower is required due to automatic control, easy operation & maintenance.

  4. High quality effluent for reuse without separate nutrient removal and fine filtration.

  5. Can be expanded as a modular system.

  6. Capability to manage and treat variable loading conditions such as normal, dilute monsoon, diurnal and shock loads.

  7. Can also be used with primary clarifiers and conventional F/M ratio for bio-methanation and energy recovery.

  8. Separate secondary clarifiers and major return sludge pumping stations are not required, good use of common walls, simple square, rectangular or circular structures, can reduce the footprint compared to 5 conventional activated sludge process.

SBR Disadvantages

  1. At least semi-skilled manpower is required.

  2. Patented process technology and decanters defying local cannibalization

  3. No provision for sludge management

  4. No provision of primary treatment to moderate pollution load variations.

  5. Higher energy input if used without bio-methanation

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