Sewage Treatment Plant

MS-SS Vessels

MS-SS Vessels

Kelvin Water Technologies is manufacturer of the wastewater equipments like MS-SS Tanks, Vessels, CLarifiers, Filter Bag, etc. which are designed to reduce the impact of sewage on the environment by treating it before it is discharged into the ocean.

MS-SS vessels are typically constructed out of steel or iron and contain a number of components that allow them to process sewage. These components include a chemical dosing system, a waste storage tank, a wastewater treatment plant, and a chemical treatment tank, tube settler tank, filer water tank, sludge holding tank, Slduge Drying Bed, Collection Tank etc. The chemical dosing system is used to add chemicals to the sewage to break down solids and reduce the amount of suspended solids. The waste storage tank is used to store the treated sewage until it can be safely discharged to the ocean. The wastewater treatment plant is used to further break down the solids and other contaminants in the sewage. Finally, the chemical treatment tank is used to add additional chemicals to the sewage in order to reduce coliform bacteria levels.

The MS-SS vessels have been designed to meet every customize requirements , which sets standards for the safe disposal of sewage set by PCB of respective state or board. Before sewage can be discharged into the ocean, it must be treated to meet certain levels of coliform bacteria and suspended solids. The systems must also be able to store the treated sewage for up to 30 days before it can be discharged. The MS-SS vessels are typically used on vessels that are travelling for extended periods of time and are not able to discharge their sewage regularly. The systems are also used on vessels that do not have access to a suitable wastewater treatment plant. By treating and storing the sewage, they reduce the impact that vessel sewage can have on the ocean environment.

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