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MBBR/Fluidized Aerated Bed (FAB)

MBBR STP Manufacturer

MBBR STP is a type of wastewater treatment technology created by Prof. Hallvard degaard at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the late 1980s.

MBBR is a biofilm process. This technology is essentially the same as Activated Sludge Process (ASP) except that the media suspended in the reactor offers additional surfaces for the microbes to grow and this in turn maximizes the growth of microbes in a given volume of aeration tank compared to the conventional aeration without the media and to that extent, it does appear preferable. MBBR system is often installed as a retrofit of existing activated sludge tanks to increase the capacity of existing system. Diffused aeration is also required. FAB technology is akin to MBBR except that instead of the media in suspension, the media is kept stationary and fluidized in the aeration tank.

Schematic flow diagram of Moving Bed Bio Reactor process is presented


MBBR STP Advantages

  1. Require less space than ASP

  2. Lower Sludge Production

  3. Respond to load fluctuations without operator intervention

  4. There are no limitations of height as long as compressors can be suitably used

  5. Circular structures can be used to economize on construction costs & time

  6. The structures can be easily covered for indoor air quality when needed.

  7. Requires lower footprints compared to conventional activated sludge.

  8. Easy to operate and maintain

MBBR Disadvantages

  1. Per unit volume area of the media offered by various vendors are different and also each vendor advocates his own criteria for the relative ratio of volume of media to volume of aeration tank, which makes it difficult to bring a common and validated standard design criteria. The quality of plastic of media varies.

  2. The verification of whether the media is moving about the entire volume of the tank or merely clumping at the top layers and if so the method of mixing it up through the tank volume without shearing of the biomass on it are issues of infirmity and which may need gentle movers of the media through the volume of the tank.

  3. Furthermore, the media is a patented product. Higher energy input if used without bio methanation.

Features & Specification of MBBR media are

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MBBR STP Manufacturer
MBBR STP Manufacturer in India


  1. Resistance against chemicals

  2. Protected surface area

  3. Precise thickness and specific gravity of the media

Appreciated For

  1. Dimensional accuracy

  2. Corrosion resistivity

  3. Easy installation

  4. Chemical stillness

  5. Easy operation

Demanded For

  1. Biological treatment system

  2. Waste water treatment system

  3. Easy installation

  4. Chemical stillness

  5. Easy operation


Sr. No Type of Media Bio Pac Media ( FAB Media) (MBBR Media)
1 MOC Polypropylene
2 Specific Gravity 0.9
3 Shape Cylindrical
4 Height & Diameter Dia 22 mm x 16 mm height
5 Protected Surface Area 400 (M2)
6 Total Surface Area 450-475 (M2)
7 Colour Black
8 Thickness 1.0mm
9 Max. Continuous Working Temp 55C

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