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Filter Press Machine (Hydraulic)

Filter Press Machine (Hydraulic)

Kelvin water Technologies is the fasted and largest growing manufacturing company of the Industrial Filter Press Machine, we are into providing useful product and higher level services for our user. An industrial filter press is a technique used in detachment processes to separate solid and liquid, Industrial Filter Press Machine store many filter component and permit filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered solids, and permits easy cleaning, Filter presses machine can not be operated in a continual process but machine can offer very high performance, specially when low remaining liquid in the solid is desired.

Types of Industrial Filter Press Machine : -

  1. Automatic(fully) Filter Press :

  2. An Automatic Filter Press machine has the same process of concept as the manual filter process have, the main differences is that the Automatic(fully) Filter Press is the fully automated, It includes with the grater plate and frame filter presses with mechanical plate shifter.

  3. Recessed plate filter press :

  4. The recessed plate filter press machine does not use frames and alternatively has a layoff in each plate with incline edges in which the filter cloths lie down, the filter cake develop in the layoff directly between two plates and whenever the plates are segregated the incline edges permit the cover to fall out with less effort.

  5. Membrane filter press :

  6. Membrane filters are assembled out of a wide range of synthetic materials, together with cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate (collodion), polyamide (nylon), polycarbonate, polypropylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon), With the excluding of polycarbonate filters, highest a complex network of fine, interrelated channels. Polycarbonate(Nucleopore) filters restrain cylindrical pores of uniform diameter that pass directly through the filter, for the reason that polycarbonate filters have a small pore-surface area, they are rarely used for Filtration.

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