Cyclic Activated Sludge Process

Cyclic Activated Sludge Process

CASP Technology

Kelvin’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment in a Multiple-Reactor Activated Sludge Process with Automatic Oxygen Supply are the best in the industry as they are efficient and economical.

Biological Wastewater treatment facilities are designed to emulate the purification process that occurs naturally in lakes, rivers and streams (they can be aerobic, anaerobic, anoxic) and the microbes reproduce by cell division and metabolize to remove most of the organic matter present in the wastewater.

The two types of systems are

  1. Fixed film systems

  2. Dispersed systems.

CASP is example of dispersed system as suspended biomass is used to treat wastewater biologically.

Kelvin’s Cyclic Activated sludge process is an established process with repetitive cycles of aeration, settlement and discharge. It negates all the limitations of conventional method, by sequencing batch reactors. Kelvin’s CASP is a combination of a biological selector and variable volume process reactor.

Kelvin’s CASP involves three stages sequentially

  1. Aeration stage

  2. Solid liquid separation

  3. Sludge recycle system

It provides aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic process conditions, favor nitrification, denitrification and biological phosphorus removal.

Kelvin’s CASP reactor basin has three sections

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Selector Secondary Aeration Main Aeration
Polishing denitrification and enzymatic transfer Biological reactions Solids-liquid separation
Area: 5% Area: 10% Area: 85%

CASP utilizes a simple repeated time-based sequence which incorporates

  1. Aeration (for biological reactions): influent is received into the basin through the selector zone where it contacts with the biomass recycled from the main aeration zone.

  2. Settle (for solids-liquid separation): quiescent settling conditions are created in Zone 3

  3. Decant (to remove treated effluent): multi-basin facility, skimmer is used to removal. Completion of these three operations constitute a cycle which is then repeated, hence the name Cyclic Activated Sludge Process (CASP)

Kelvin’s technology and excellent process produces high quality results, such as

  1. High BOD removal with effluent concentration less than 10 mg/l

  2. High Suspended solids removal with effluent concentration less than 20 mg/l

  3. Fecal coliforms removal of the order of 2‐3 on log scale.

Needless to mention the guarantee of Kelvin’s quality, in terms of product, maintenance, & operational economy.

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