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Managing and installing a water treatment plant can never be an easy job. Kelvin Water Technologies making the world easy going through serving with the clean water and Eco-friendly atmosphere. This Gurgaon-based company offering various products and services related to industrial & commercial RO System, Sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, demineralisation plant, water softener, water filtration, RO system, soda soft drink, cooling tower & chemicals, swimming pool filtration,rain water harvesting and other plants. Kelvin Water Technologies works on the professional and proven techniques being used in several countries to provide cost effective and durable services. Many industrial, commercial and manufacturing companies are contacting kelvin to have water treatment facilities in India. As time passes, the capacity of plants starts getting diminished or some of the products may stop working which need to be exchanged over the time. It may not be easy to acquire those spare part or consumable but kelvin makes sure to sell or provide quality spare parts products. Some of them are mentioned below:

• Filtering air blowers or blowers of aeration
• Reagent feeder lime
• Various types automatic and pneumatic valves
• Cartridge filters
• Membrane housings
• High pressure pumps
• Dossing pumps
• Centrifugal pumps
• Ultrasound , electromagnetic flow meters
• Wash water pumps and booster pumps
• Several engines
• Nozzles
• Diffusers of various sizes and categories
• Electric panel
• Filter press
• Resin

Storing and cleaning the flowing water consumes lots of energy and valuable times so we try to use the optimum methodologies to ease the work. We are only dealing with the relevant work strategies which are proven and results-oriented. We are catering for the industrial and commercial needs of water treatments plants in India as a whole or one stop solution. One can even seek for the spare parts and consumable materials which are to be replaced in water treatment plants.

If you are looking to buy the water treatments plants spare parts in India , please quote us for better offers and deals.

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