Wastewater lab testing services

Wastewater Testing Laboratories Services

Before starting the purification process, it is always required to check the water quality. Even before drinking water, testing is required to check the hardness and other minerals. Not only the industrial clients but consultancy companies do contact Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd to request for the wastewater lab testing services in India. Apart from the routine Discharge Monitoring Report, we are handling the entire pre-treatment programs, process control, sludge and biosolids testing at vast level. Kelvin water Technologies Pvt Ltd has the qualified team and field technicians to collect the samples from the vendors and to check the waste water quality.

The company claims to be the prominent wastewater testing laboratories in India. We do have clients ranging from engineering firms, consulting firms, industrial and manufacturing units, contract operators and various companies. Not only the commercial, we do undertake the wastewater lab testing services for residential projects as well as they do need pure water in adequate quality and quantity. For the past years, we are occupying water testing lab meeting the criteria of industrial pretreatment program and surcharge monitoring program. We have participated in the several private and public programs arranged through government and semi-government to aware the public about the general water quality.

Our qualified managers are coordinating with the field technicians to serve the best with the waste water testing services in India. Which type of waste water treatment is to be used will entirely depend on the trustworthy process control analysis giving the quality data. To tackle the fast ranging time, we do support online report so as to make you available online to review and monitor the same. Our water testing lab performed deep analysis including microscopic analysis on wastewater treatment plant sludge. Do not rely on the costly sampling methods; trust our diligent team with effective and convenient test report. Save your valuable time and money as our laboratory managers are able to offer consulting services through phone or at your place with method development, instrument purchases, plant installation, onboarding and laboratory accreditation compliance.

Wastewater Quality we are testing is:-

Drinking water, packaged Drinking Water, Purified water, Packages natural mineral water, swimming pool water, water for processed food industry, industrial cooling system, organic and inorganic constituents, effluent water, irrigation and recreation purpose water, hard water, Raw water, Filter water, Soft water, reverse Osmosis, De-ionised Water, Snow water, Distill Water, Rainwater, Boiled water. While analyzing the water, we do undertake the color, odor, taste, turbidity, TDS, Alkalinity, iron, Hardness, Chloride, pH, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphate and other pesticides making the water waste.

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd is leading water testing lab in India engaged in serving industries, institutions and individuals at the huge level. We follow the water related Standards to undertake the testing process. For more information, please contact us for the better quote.

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