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Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying ultraviolet systems, pressure vessels and filter vessels all across India. Ultraviolet or UV water disinfection systems are more popular among domestic and industrial requirements. We manufacture High quality and standard UV water disinfection units and supply to higher capacity industrial units and several domestic clients. These UV systems are of excellent quality resulting with the client satisfaction and worldwide recognition. Our products related to UV water disinfection systems includes UV Air purifiers, UV Surface Treatment, Micron Filters, UV treatment for a storage tank, open channel UV system, UV intensity meter, UV intensity monitor, UV Portable Intensity meter etc. We have the highly qualified technical team in every department working hard to propel the company forward. UV or Ultraviolet is a modern concept which is now using at vast rate in manufacturing, technical, industrial and commercial units in India. Apart from this, hotels, apartment buildings, are also demanding ultraviolet water system. Being the Indian based company, we ensure comparative pricing and due to which, we as well know as the UV or ultraviolet manufacturer in India.

Pressure Vessel Manufacturers in India

As a pressure vessel manufacturer in India, Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has gained a huge name in the water treatment plant industry. We are designing and manufacturing columns, tanks, reaction vessel, volume bottles, separators and others. These pressure vessels are fulfilling the criteria of international codes and Indian standards while using the high quality ferrous or nonferrous material of CS, LTcS, Alloy Steel, Low alloy steel, duplex, stainless steel, copper, brass, high nickel alloys, haste alloy, titanium, zirconium, tantalum, aluminum etc. We are dealing with this pressure vessel for multiple industrial like fertilizers project oil and petroleum industries, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, power plant, cement industries and steel plants. Our research shows that pressure vessels have resulted from fatal accidents so operation and designing are controlled and regulated by engineering authority only to reduce the chances of accidents. They are usually in cylinders shape which is safe for operation. To meet the requirements of the clients, we do have different segments of oil and gas pressure vessels. People may contact us for any pressure vessel related requirements.

Filter Vessels Manufacturers in India

Other products I.e., filter vessels are engineered and designed through the highly efficient team who are more productive and result oriented. Filter vessel comes with the different forms of the single hole or multi-hole which are manufactured and supplied to cater the Indian and international demands. Filter vessels include single bag filter housing, multi-bag filter housing, fuel gas filter housings, inlet filter housings, sand filters, coalescing filter housings, carbon canister housings, carbon beds, separators, inline strainers, cartridge filter housings, plastic filter housings, and more.

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has been dealing with the water treatment related activities for too many years. We have been known as the manufacturer and supplier of SS fabrication, ultraviolet or UV, pressure vessels and filter vessel at cost effective pricing for every client type. Our diversified team is highly professional to cater each and every client with huge satisfaction. Contact us and take participate in the clean and pure water purification process. Make Indian a healthy country of the world.

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