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  1. Garden Shredder

    We pride ourselves at being one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers as far as garden shedder are concerned.Our superior shredders are meant for our customers. The design, and executionof each garden shredder is critically reviewed before being finalized.

    Garden Shredders are really impressive in managing your waste,that comes in bulk from garden. All the quality materials are used in their manufacturing processes.

    Each part of the equipment is selected with a lot of care to ensure only the best and the highest quality materials are used. The experts monitor the installation process of the shredder. The main purpose of these shredders is in maintenance and shredding of parks, gardens and other similar places. Different shredders are used for different purposes and areas.

    The size of the garden and amount of waste it generates, gives the answer which shredder is the best for a garden. Our experienced team members are helping us in giving popularity to these brilliant products.

  2. Organic Waste Shredder

    Shredder what actual it means. As the name suggests, it is a device used for cutting or shredding activities. Used inside OWC Machine and cuts the waste into small elements for further process.

    There are distinctshedders that need to be used depending on the kind of material that would be used for shredding purposes. There is a special need and additional care that needs to be taken to ensure that the equipment is correctly manufactured when it comes to shredding organic waste.

    The other aspect when it comes to organic waste shredding is the fact that the size also needs to be taken into consideration so that the shredder can be appropriately used for the purpose it is meant for. And finally, the final point comes down to the price of the organic waste shredder. We believe in being able to provide the highest quality organic waste shedder at affordable costs. Our customers support and trust in our services encourage us to provide shredder with the best sources available.

  3. PET Bottle Shredder

    What is PET Bottle?

    The answer is very simple, and the bottle also known as plastic bottle. It is utilized to store various liquids such as oil, medicine, juice, water, liquid soap, and others. PET full form is polyethylene terephthalate. These bottles are strong to carry the liquid materials.

    Shredding of PET Bottles:

    With the ever-increasing rate at which PET bottles are being generated it becomes even more mandatory to have a system in place that would take care of the shredding of these PET bottles. The pet bottle shedders that are designed by our company can handle pet bottles with a capacity of up to 2 liters. Further to increase the durability of the entire system and the pet bottle shedder, the cutters that are used inside the shredder are made from high-grade special alloy steel. Additionally, from our end, we also provide a warranty of 5 years on the cutters, so that your organization can be assured in using the shredder to the maximum without having to worry about spoiling or damaging the cutters. All the parts of the PET bottle shredder are checked for durability and the endurance of the metals have been ensured before the shredder is assembled. The other key feature is minimum noise levels when the equipment is being used. The prices of PET bottle shredder depend on the size of that shredder and Kelvin India provides them with the best prices in the market.

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