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Top sewage treatment project
sewage treatment project

Sewage water is assumed to be the most smelly water carrying harmful toxic, dust, dangerous contaminants and hazardous elements which need to be cleaned regularly to keep the atmosphere healthy and clean, Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has been working on the sewage treatment related projects and plants for several years and has gained success in every project since the starting. Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd is working hard to offer professional sewage treatment to fulfill the assigned project. We all are aware that the sewage is the result of domestic, industrial and natural activities. Natural activities include rainwater or natural calamities which are not in our hands. Domestic sewage or drainage water results from bathing, washing, flushing, cleaning and all. The domestic water does not carry too many hard contaminants so this water is comparatively easy to clean and purify, yet it has been connected with the common sewage system through which other resources are discarded.

Apart from the domestic water disposal, industrial water contains harmful contaminants which are not easy to clean and purify. Usually moving sewage water treatment pumps along with the tanker is used to clean and fetch the sewage water projects. High width pipes are inserted into sewage and pressure has been put to generate gasses and to attract the contaminants at the upper surface. Cleaning sewage is necessary to smoothen the flow of dirt water reaching at the sewage from domestic, industrial, commercial and natural resources. We have undertaken the numerous sewage treatment projects since the starting of the company and achieved high success. Being having the government support, we feel proud to be a part of clean India. Being the authorized sewage water treatment plant manufacturers, we had been working with the private and PSUs facilities to serve them best.

We are looking for the maintenance, functioning, installation and execution of the sewage treatment projects. We are responsible for the pin to start a process like planning, management, execution, inspection. Not only in the rural areas of India, but also the urban areas, Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has been serving with the great enthusiast. Being the leading sewage treatment plant/ project manufacturer, we have to initialize, upgrading and installing the new pipelines to smoothen the water flow. Sewage water carrying hard contaminants and clothes and paper disposal may create hurdle in the water flow which may interrupt the water flow and as a result, sewage or drainage filled with water with the access flow of water on land. We not only pump the water but treatment the sewage water through primary and secondary methods.

Real estate sectors having their own residential projects may outsource us for installation and execution of sewage treatment projects and maintenance thereafter. We make sure to design a flow chart in a way which will not hurdle the continuous task. Likewise, manufacturing and commercial sectors may hire us for the effective water flow through sewage treatment project. It is a wide experience connected through the private utilities as they are demanding the modernized system to offer more safety. We make sure discharging the water to safe areas without harming the human health. Storage tanks are used to settle the hard contaminants which can be disposed of off later while discharging the water into construction or any other process. Sewage water cannot be used in any way yet if it is clarified, it can be used for the agriculture area depending upon the present of the contaminants. A testing is performed in the proven water testing lab to check the quality of the water and to serve the country with the clean and smell free water. We are completely responsible for collecting, treating and disposing of the sewage water. We do undertake the responsibilities of planning, operating, maintaining the sewage infrastructure effectively. Whether you are looking for the new sewage infrastructure or modification of existing infra, domestic or industrial, private or government, Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd has perfect solutions for all the sewage treatment projects in India. Call us to install and execute the sewage treatment project in India at low cost.

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