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If you are looking for the perfect option to offer you hygienic and healthy drinking water, then Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD can be your first choice. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of RO Plant or Reverse Osmosis system, dealing with the industrial and residential requirements. If we talk about RO or Reverse Osmosis plant, it is the best purification process to remove salts or to filter brackish & seawater. Apart from that, RO plants are effective to clarify the germs, bacteria, sugars, dyes, and other constituents having greater molecular weight.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis or RO is the technique to demineralize or demonise the water to make it drinkable by pushing it under pressure with the help of semi-permeable RO membrane. Osmosis is a natural process through which weaker saline solution will migrate towards a higher saline solution. For example, put two containers having water with low salt concentration and high salt concentration is separated through a semi- permeable membrane. You will see water with low salt will migrate towards high salt concentration. The semi-permeable membrane will allow passing some atoms or molecules as the pores are big enough to vapour the water but small enough to prevent liquid water passing. Co-jointly, Reverse Osmosis is the process of osmosis in reverse, which is a natural passage movement of solvent from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration through a membrane with no external pressure.

Types of RO or Reverse Osmosis Plant:

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD offers a wide range of RO Plants or Reverse Osmosis plants or solution to cater the water-related needs in India. The RO plants or solutions has been diversified into 3 categories as per the usage and requirements of the market:

  1. Residential RO plants or systems
  2. Industrial RO plants or systems
  3. Commercial RO plants or systems

1. Residential RO Plants Manufacturer or Systems:

As a prestigious manufacturer and supplier of Reverse Osmosis plant, Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD do offer drinking water solutions for domestic requirements also. To cater the residential needs, we are serving with the wide range of residential RO systems which are highly capable of eliminating the impurities like solids, oils, bacteria, fungi and other fluids from the water. Theses systems are in-house tested and proven through the quality standards. The components used under the RO system are eco- friendly and maintaining the natural taste of water. The Residential RO system has the capacity to held the 15 LTR of purified water at once which is the minimum and no limit for maximum.


  • Durable life
  • Smooth functioning with high performance
  • After sales 3 months maintenance services
  • Extra purified water with balanced minerals
  • Check the water purity through tools while installation
  • Proper testing of TDs
  • Less maintenance cost

2. Industrial RO Manufacturer or Reverse Osmosis Plant

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD offering a wide range of Industrial RO Plants with higher capacity and smooth functioning. The flow rates are different for various industrial RO plants varying from the min capacity of 100 LPH to 25000 LPH and having the capability to reduce the TDS @ 90-99%. These RO plants are designed in a customised way and configured to facilitate the industrial requirement of the output water.


  • Drinking water for individuals
  • Boiler feed water
  • Ion exchange pre-treatment
  • Beverage production
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microelectronic
  • Aquaculture
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Car washing
  • Hydrogen production
  • Reef aquariums

In short, the Industrial RO plants are being used for the multiple manufacturing units and trading companies which are working on large scales and where the number of employees is countless. By installing industrial RO plants, companies will be fulfilling the social responsibilities.

These Industrial RO systems are available with customised featured techniques and equipment like pre- filters, chemical dosing, anti-Scalant dosing, microprocessor based control panel, pressure gauges, FRP Membrane housings, wound membranes and much more.

Features :

  • Stainless steel built equipment
  • Epoxy painted steel frame
  • Cartridge filter
  • Pressure switches
  • Permeate and concentrate flow meters
  • Connectivity meter

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD have in-house technical and marketing team who are in continuous research to make the water treatment far better. Sewage is the outcome of residential, industrial and commercial activities which needs to clean to keep the atmosphere healthy. Industrial plants are also treating the waste water to make it recyclable. Usually, we do use four types of membranes like Reverse Osmosis for treating fresh water resources, desalination membranes, nanomembranes system, ultra filtration. Out focused is to deliver the high-quality services through reliable and innovative technologies. After China, India is the only country to develop the effective water purification process at most affordable pricing. Let us offer a great value for your water related requirements.

3. Commercial RO plants Manufacturer or Institutional RO systems

Whether you are running a multiplex office or an institution, the drinking or clean water necessity is universal. Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD has served for more than thousands of commercial units with the customised RO plant solutions. These RO plants are available in different capacities varying from the 200 LPH to 750 LPH flow ranges, which are much suitable to cater the need of institutional and commercial operations.

These commercial RO plants can be customised and designed with adding multimedia filters, activated carbon files, water softeners, antiscalant dosing systems and UV sterilisers. We ensure to use the best components while installing commercial RO units.


  • Stainless steel pumps
  • Microprocessor based control panel
  • FRP Pressure vessel
  • Gauges
  • High rejection TFC Membranes
  • Product and reject flow meters
  • High-pressure tubing and switches

Commercial RO plants are manufactured and supplied all over India at a wide range without cutting the quality in this cutting edge competition. To meet the client requirements, we keep more effects towards research. Better the planning, better will be the design and performance of industrial RO plants.

Reverse Osmosis Plants as the best Filtration technique:

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD has been emerging as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial and Commercial RO plants in India to purify the water at great extent. Tons of water got wasted during an industrial process and commercial keeping, which need to filter to make reusable and recyclable. RO or Reverse Osmosis is the best hyperfiltration technique which clarifies the brackish water, seawater by removing the salt, fluids, discharge, dissolvable solvents, dyes, bacteria and other harmful constituents. Our RO plants make sure to keep the natural nutrients to maintain the health level of water. We design customised solutions which are suitable for marine applications to purify a large amount of water at once with high-Performance capacity. Not only can the industrial and manufacturing units, municipalities be facilitated with the customised RO plants. We are aiming to serve the whole India with the clean and reusable water. The government is taking initiative towards water treatments. Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD moving together with the government to make the water level higher to make it approachable for the future generation.

In-house team of our company tests the performance at a personal level and then installs the plants at manufacturing unit. The components, which are used in designing, are high in performance and innovative in usage. One can find the manual at our store and know how to operate the RO Plants, although proper execution training is provided through our experts. To offer economical value to the company, our motive is to deliver cost effective yet higher valued services. These RO plants are based on membrane technology filtration method which helps to remove a lot of molecules ad ions while applying high pressure through membranes.

Treatment Process of RO plants:

Fluid systems RO plants work on the basis of Cross-filtration method, through which a percentage amount of feed water is rejected as the removal of solids during the filtration process. The whole process works through the combination of temperature and pressure. There are two elements while RO plants processing which are system recovery and product quality. System recovery is based on the nature of feed water which can be controlled by use of recycle stream whereas Product quality is based on the percentage of dissolved solids. High recoveries increase the concentration of dissolved solids which decrease the quality but this also make the system more effective by the decreasing the waste level.

It is clearly to mention that the RO plants can not be feed with every type of water. During the process, the incoming water is used to wash down the membrane and some part come as the finished product water. Purified water is treated as the final products whereas waste water is called concentrate or reject. The percentage of the product water or recovery depends on the membrane and total RO plants design. The RO plants treatments or process has been divided into two parts:

  • Pretreatment of RO Plants
  • Post-treatment of RO Plants

1. Pre-treatment of Reverse Osmosis plants

We all know Reverse Osmosis plants is used to purify the water. The feed water may be of different types. Usually, it consists two types of concentration I..e, Suspended solids and Dissolved solvents.

Suspended solids may comprise inorganic particles, colloidal particles, biological impurities etc, whereas dissolved solvents may consist salts, chlorides, carbonates, silica, sulphates etc.

During the RO process, the volume of feed water decreases as the volume of the concentration of suspended solids increased. These solids or particles may settle on the membrane surface. It may block the feed channels due to which feed water flow will decrease. This process of formation of a deposited layer on a membrane surface is allied fouling which results in declined performance of RO system.

While keeping in view the above-mentioned process, it is prerequisite to treat the raw water or feed water to enhance the treatment performance. The pretreatment process may consist of the following treatment steps:

  • Clarifying the water level through sand filtration process
  • Chlorination to disinfect the water
  • Reducing hardness through water softener process
  • Addition of scale inhibitor
  • Activating carbon filters by reducing free chlorine
  • Removing of suspended particle or solids through cartridge filters.
  • The only motive is to ease the filtration process by improving the quality of feed water. Better the quality of feed water,
  • better will be the performance of the purified water as well the RO solutions.

2. Post Treatments process of RO plants:

Pre-treatment process almost clarifies the raw water and make the water recyclable or reusable. Still, we use the post treatment process to extra purify the water. Here are some of the well-known methods of a post-treatment process of RO plants:

  • Ozonation
  • Ultraviolet
  • Chlorination systems

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD follows all the possible steps to make the water pure or drinkable. Day to day domestic activities, manufacturing process, high amount of production, increasing population, eventual pollution, industrial effluents, deforestation etc have depleted the natural resources of water. One can not rely on the natural resources to fulfil the present or future water-related requirements so better water management is required to maintain the adequate flow of water by recovering or recycling industrial effluents, municipal waste. RO plants seem to be the most effective technique to purify the water by removing or separating dissolved solids, organic, colloidal, bacteria and other solvents which are harmful for health. Installing or adapting RO solutions will facilitate the residential, Commercial and industrial area through the following aspects:

  • Removal of all the impurities which have adverse healthy effects
  • User friendly water treatment process
  • High amount of TDs reduction
  • Hygienic drinking water for domestic use
  • Reducing the filtration cost of deionized water for boiler feed
  • Meeting the essential requirements of process industries
  • Converting sea water or brackish water into portable water
  • Ultra pure water for electronic industries.
  • Controlling or decreasing fluorides from the water.

Kelvin Water Technologies PVT LTD is a certified manufacturing and supplying company following the professional norms. The company has achieved a reputation in the water treatments industry by serving the whole nation with the innovative techniques. The plants executed and installed by us are available in different range like manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Quote us for the reliable and durable RO plants or effective Reverse Osmosis solutions at moderate prices. The plants can be customized as per the industrial requirements and commercial usage,. Not only the private organization, government or municipal organizations are connecting us to the social welfare activities. Our expertise team and manufacturing unit is all set to fulfill the expectation of clients.

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