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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the well-known water treatment company in India which is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the MBBR Media to Indian and International Clients at most convenient prices without cutting the quality of the products. We make sure to manufacture the MBBR media or Saff media at our manufacturing unit and go through the proven testing to ensure the smooth functioning. Raw materials used in manufacturing and designing the MMBR media are also of technically sound and high grade finest quality. MBBR Media is vastly used for the waste water treatment Plants and other filtration methods to achieve the high surface area. These MBBR media is also widely used in sanitary Sewage and industrial waste processing and also suitable for the excess load active sludge law transformation.

Kelvin Water technologies Pvt Ltd claims to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of MBBR Media in waste water industry. The entity is based in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR which is the middle of the country and able to serve across the nation. Our MBBR Media product is in high demand in the biological and waste water industry. Our qualified team members make sure to follow strict supervision policies under the expert professionals to ensure more quality and safety. The contemporary standards and norms can be asked on the demand followed by the Kelvin Water technologies Pvt Ltd. Usually Black colored and grey colored MBBR Media is manufactured and supplied with the approx diameter 16MM X 22MM at leading market rates.

MBBR Media Features:-

1. High efficiency and excellent performance.

2. Eco-friendly and user friendly

3. Non-hazardous and safe to use

4. Less energy and quantity required

5. Lowest density

6. Most affordable in Indian and International market.

7. High quality poly bags are used for packaging

8. Free and safe Home/ doorstep delivery

9. Long operating life


11.Proven testing raw material is used

12.Healthy and hygienic working conditions

13.Surveillance and examined under the guidance of high skilled experts and professionals

14.Light weighted

15.Rust proof and compact

MBBR Media is the most demanding products manufactured and supplied by Kelvin Water technologies Pvt Ltd. Apart from MBBR Media, Kelvin Water technologies Pvt Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying the other filtration products like Floating media, FBBR media, fab media.

Floating media is a successful product which is utilized in new or old bioreactors to enhance performance. Attached microorganisms reduce the organic load. In this process, floating media become carriers that build a floating bed in the water and stabilize WWTP. The floating media has been tested and checked many of the times to see the performance in waste water plants. It has the capacity to handle pH variation, shock loading, cold temperature, and reduce plant size. It offers flexibility while operating waste water treatments operations and in terms of design.

FBBR Media are also manufactured in wide range with higher performance, capacity, reliability, durability assistance.

FAB Media is manufactured while using high raw materials to meet the vendors criteria.

Kelvin Water technologies Pvt Ltd makes sure to offer best of the filtration products to facilitate water purifications process. After serving thousands of clients in India, they become the regular clients. Contact the company for the values added services related MBBR Media and related products in India.