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In the modern trend, there are many companies stepped into the advanced production level of machines to make an entire task finish quickly and effectively. But Kelvin Water technologies make sure to accomplish the water treatment-related task with great quality while taking required time. All the treatment may not be eligible to treat the water so we make analysis and then manufacture the filter press which is designed for filtration process.

The filter press is mainly utilized to polish and filter to remove small quantities of solid particles from an influent stream. The accessible applications press isn’t sized for the amount of solids holding storage, but maximum filtration region and hydraulic throughput. While it utilized as a polishing filter, a dry filter cake isn’t made and the throughput flow rates reduce to an unacceptable level and cycle required. The last common utilization of the filter press is variable volume filter via the use of filter plate called as membrane plate or diaphragm. Mainly, the filter press made of two main components such as filter pack and skeleton. This is right for the entire filter presses design along with sidebar presses and overhead plate suspension types.

The manufacturer well equipped with an advanced level of manufacturing machines as well as best infrastructure. The experienced laborers and professional workers understand the client needs and give a lot more than customer expectations. The wide array of products like automatic filter press with different types of plates reduces the time and cost, which ultimately give profit results in the long-term. The authentic utilization of technology and innovation can be experienced to utilize the modern products. The firm also offers the customer to receive best solutions by providing care and enhance profits as well as the huge advantage on a use of high excellence products.

Sludge Drying Bed Manufacturers

Choose the best and efficient manufacturers for your work i.e, Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd. The sludge drying bed is one of the most widely used methods for sludge dewatering. The sludge drying contains the natural customs of drying to mechanical ways of eliminating the water content. It is used for small and medium sized communities. The selections of the technology will depend upon the land accessibility, quantity of sludge, climatic factors and compositions of sludge. The construction of this is generally in the public structure. And the prediction of the drying site is an experimental part of the designing the system.

Drying of the sludge can be divided into the two different stages. One is namely drainage and evaporation. Nowadays most of the companies are manufacturing the sludge drying bed. They manufacture all of their products utilizing quality raw material and highly developed machinery that could source from the well-known vendors of the market. And the sludge drying bed manufacturers and their products are widely appreciated by the customers for reason of their easy installation, less maintenance, corrosion and abrasion resistance and sturdy construction. And they have the capability to customize all their products as per the demands of customers. They are always using the high quality of materials and manufacturing the drying bed with the help of most skilled and experienced manufacturers. So the sludge drying bed is providing the sustainable services to the users. The sludge drying bed manufacturers offer their products with the most affordable cost of price to the people. Kelvin water technologies Pvt Ltd make sure to serve the customers with the aforesaid quality and pricing.


Quickly separate the solid from the liquid by using Hydraulic filter press machine manufactured by Kelvin Water Pvt Ltd. Most companies are doing the manufacturing process to find the best way to separate solid from the liquid. In fact, this process is undertaken by giving perfect option by hiring a professional manufacturer to overcome from this difficult task. Of course, the Hydraulic filter press machine manufacturer keeps tracks of the best process to do this one. It expects the same one which is automated with the manual operations. Obviously, this filter press manufacturer is responsible for manufacturing machines to separate solid from the liquid. They select the right type of press to keep the running long as smooth one. When you are looking for this manufacturer, you can immediately use the filter press manufacturers to keep track of the exemplary operations forever.

Furthermore, the automation grade with 20 to 30 plates to grind the mixer accordingly. The capacity of the filter press takes the good approach for lifting maximum weight to meet as per the condition. Besides, the truckload makes only 185 up to the limited level of processing. Hence, the hydraulic filter press takes the limited approach for providing excellent steering capacity to meet it in a simple manner. They are offering gamut range of hydraulic filter press which consists of automation grade for everyone. Also, the chamber of the two plates which acts according to the engineered one and thus providing filtrate rate as longer one. It has different filter presses which are varied in sizes and capacities. It is fitted with horizontal and vertical vessels to meet exact results for filtration rate.

Kelvin water technologies Pvt Ltd ensures the residential, commercial and industrial clients to serve the best of the filter press, hydraulic filter press machine, and sludge drying bed at optimum pricing with optimum quality all across India.

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