Aerobic/ Anaerobic Biological Treatment


High Rate Anaerobic/ Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Reactor

The waste water or effluent discharged from the industries is full of organic impurities, which cannot be released into natural water bodies without treating properly. The impurities consume the dissolved oxygen and make the water body unfit for any domestic use, thereby increasing the pollution, and causing harm to aquatic life. In order to ensure the safety of the natural water bodies present in and around the industrial area, it is necessary to provide proper treatment to the sewage and then release it.

The most effective way to treat this waste water released by industries is aerobic biological treatment. While others are using the activated sludge process, which is quite complicated as compared to this one, it is important to mention here that success rate of this process is simple and effective. Aerobic biological process involves the usage of microorganisms such as useful aerobic bacteria and protozoan for decomposing the organic matter. The process gives an activated mass of microorganism as final product, which eventually neutralizes the organic content of the sewage. As the name suggests, this process takes place in the presence of oxygen, further converting it into carbon dioxide and water. After this treatment, the sewage will be safe for the environment, and can be released into the natural water bodies.

In our country, there are many such sludge digester plants have been designed, put up, and operated at large and small scales on per day basis. After observing the process and operational experiences of these plants, various manufacturing companies have evolved the structural designs of the sludge digester for their better functioning. These plants are made to neutralize different types of activated sludge with the help of various processes such as conventional, completely mixed, plug flow, tapered aeration, modified aeration, and contact stabilization. All these above-mentioned operations depend on the quality and quantity of the plant and help in determining its energy consumption, price, and convenience of operation. The major processes such as flow scheme, mixing regime, and loading parameter has been redefined to improve its function. Every plant goes through a number of testing process, and then it is released for operation.

A large number of wastewater treatment plants have been successfully designed and installed at various places, especially near the industrial area such as sugar, soap, solvent and oil extraction industry, edible oil refineries, food, dairy, soft drink bottling, breweries, starch, pesticides and drug pharmaceutical industries, and chemical and mining industries. The manufacturers of these plants ensure complete safety of the tank, and also make sure that it remains efficient and balanced under all conditions. These waste water treatment plants have been designed and developed by highly skilled and professional who have devoted themselves to the development of these treatment plants which are well equipped and made with advanced technologies. Every plant comes with a detailed manual to operate the treatment plant and so that it is carefully handled and properly operated. These plants are developed in such a skilled manner that, it can be used for long term use and are a very reliable for the heavy workload. The latest treatment plants are economically feasible and technically proven to meet the demands of the communities, near which they will be planted.

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