Mineral Water Turnkey Project

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Mineral Water Turnkey Project Mineral Water Turnkey Project
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Mineral Water Turnkey project

As we know pure water is very important for everyone whatever the age of him/her. Impure water is cause of lots of diseases; if people don’t have clean & pure water then they can’t be healthy. Water is becoming more polluted day by day, impurities in water includes different kind of salts and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that harms the health and create diseases in human body. Government are taking steps towards this direction and making aware the citizens. There are lots of good opportunities in Mineral Water business. This business is highly profitable and any one can start with minimum investment. This business can be started within range of 1 lakhs to 1 crores Rupees.

Why Should We Go For This Business

Pure Water is necessity in present time and in future too. Demand of pure water is never ending and it makes this business long term business. Government provides subsidy also, it can be vary from 30% to 50% and we can avail bank loan also up to 90% of project cost. Mineral Water Business is one of the reputed businesses also pay back period is not as other business, it is normally 1 to 2 years only.

Kelvin Water Technologies undertakes mineral water turnkey projects and customizes it as per requirement of customer. We make sure that the equipment we manufacture are strong, long lasting and simple to operate. Our equipment can endure harsh working and undergo various tests before the final delivery.

* All components and equipment as per international standard and norms.
* Kelvin Water Technologies takes the complete project right from designing, engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning at site with trial production.
* We support for licenses and documentation.
* We provide all technical supports for project.
* We provide constant monitoring of operation.
* Kelvin Water Technologies provides training at site also.
* Kelvin Water Technologies takes minimum time to establish this project, we are known for our quality and punctuality.
* Plant will work with optimize efficiency so that production cost will be minimum to customer.
* We believe customer relation not in business.
* With the best design our plant has absolute zero maintenance. The replacement of consumable is also low.
* Preventive and periodic maintenance are easy and can be done by any person with little training.

Our mineral Water Project Consists of

1. Purification System:

* Raw Water Feed Pump
* Chlorine Dosing System
* Multimedia Filtration
* Activated Carbon Filtration
* Anti Scalant Treatment
* Reverse Osmosis System
* Purified Water Transfer Pump
* Micron Cartridge filtration
* UV Sterilization
* Ozonization

2. Water Testing Facilities:

*Chemical Laboratory
* Micro Biology Lab
* Water Testing Kit

3. Machineries For Project:

* Pet Bottle Blowing Machine
* Pet Bottle Rinse, Fill, Cap, Label Machine
* Pouch Packing Machine
* Glass Filling Machine

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