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We are one of the leading companies dealing with the accessories and spare parts which are used in various treatment projects such as Waste water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Effluent, RO, soda & soft drink etc. The parts and accessories are manufactured and supplied as per the demand of the clients and are of high quality and durable. We assist the clients even after serving them with the parts and help them to install the same. We provide them the affordable and branded accessories and spare parts for various applications. This application may be household, constructive, commercial etc depending on their choices. Some of the accessories and spare parts are:-

•  Rubber & plastic water Pipes
•  Angles, nipples, expansion hoses
•  ION Exchange Resins
•  Ro Membranes
•  Drill machines
•  Compressor
•  Various sized water Filters and purifiers
•  Anti Oxidants
•  Chemicals and bacteria
•  Polymers
•  Boilers
•  Various chemicals such as sodium, chlorine, acid etc
•  Vessels & Tanks
•  Valves
•  Pumps
•  Cartridge
•  Barrels & connectors
•  Other treatment equipment
•  Tubes
•  Blowers
•  Activated carbon
•  Pipes & fittings

Filters may vary according to the work process and so their sizes. Many of the small spare parts are being manufactured by our company and some of the parts are being supplied from the other wastewater plant manufacturer. We cater the need of the customers and serve them accordingly. We are committed to provide timely and efficient services. We are not only selling the accessories but are having efficient manpower to install the same and assisting for regular maintenance.

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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    Qualified experts are engaged in research, planning, implementation and testing

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    Advanced Filtration methods

    Residential, Commercial and Industrial ROs are fitted with automated filtration

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    Serving to various industries like automotive, chemicals, food and beverages, oil and gas

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    Regular clients are entitled to exciting offers and discounted prices on plants installation

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    Covered almost all the manufacturing, industrial areas of states, sub-states, and Country.

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